Our assistance service isalways ready to help owners of our crafts.
Our Assistance Service is always ready to help owners of our craft. With design, maintenance and sailing.
Our discreet yet constant presence, means you can be sure you’ll never sail alone.
For us, angeling is the way forward when it comes to assistance because we know how important it is for boat owners to have us alongside them at all times. This means investment in terms of time spent together.
Time for knowing the boat in depth: the materials, the working lifetime of its parts, its performance limits.
It means sharing the life of their and our project with the owner, knowing where and when to intervene. It means being an angel in the middle of the sea, in port or when the boat is docked.

Yacht Transfer

We offer the delivery and transfer of yachts throughout the world. We provide worldwide boat transport services to all boat owners, With our experience and customs experts, we are best placed to provide the level of service you should expect from your transport partner. Entrust to our services to organize the transport of your yacht.

Flag State Management

Our Flag State Management service provides you a link between Flags Maritime administration, the owner and your yacht. We maintain the current crew lists for each vessel and deal with the application for requisite Flag State Endorsements and Licenses. Further we coordinate during the initial registration process of all application documentation.

Crew Management

Our crew management encompasses a broad range of services covering the recruitment and selection, deployment, training and ongoing management of the officers and ratings engaged on yachts under crew management contracts. These activities are provided for a broad range of boats, from yachts to super yachts. We provide you with the high quality of skilled seafarers, which you require and expect.

Financial Services

We are pleased to find the best insurance polices solutions for you with the world leader insurance companies. We will help you with all your financial planning needs. The products we offer have been created by financial professionals exclusively for your yacht, so you can plan safely your financial future.

Yacht Consulting

We ensure that all of our clients feel confident and secure in their investment with us. Empowering you with our knowledge of the yachting industry is our pride and duty. With our experience in Yacht Consulting we are professional partners to assist achieve your goals in the world of luxury yachts.

Yacht Management

We provide you with highly-skilled experts to maintain your yacht. We offer you a dedicated yacht management program manned by professionals who understand the world of yachting. We are always available to assist and meet the demands of yacht owners and client’s expectations.