Vismara's braintenance: the Vismara V50 Mistress' keel case

BRAINTENANCE = BRAIN + MAINTENANCE. That is exactly what Vismara Shipyard always has in mind: a complete service, all in house, based on experience, good human resources, teamwork and quality. All using the new technologies and materials available on the market.

The Vismara V50 Mistress is a Carbon Fiber custom cruising yacht launch in 2003 with a 3,00 m draft. The 50 feet has a displacement of 9500 kg with 4200 kg of ballast.
The boat was used until 2014 as a fast cruising boat for racing with friends and cruising with the family in Tuscany.
In February 2015 we sold the boat to a new owner that will use it for cruising with the family in the Mediterranean sea.
The new owner doesn’t like have a 3,00 m draft due to the fact that the yacht have to be able to get into every Mediterranean port during the summer cruising.

At the same time he doesn’t want to lost the great performance of a 50 feet carbon fiber yacht with a 3,00 m draft.
As made for other yachts (like the Baltic 48 DP Livingston) we developed a new Vismara winged keel.
The 3,00 m keel was removed and the bulb was disassembled. The new design allow the owner to get the same comfort and performance with a reduced draft of 40 cm.
The new keel of is 2,60 m with.
Each wing is 130 kg, that means 260 kg of added ballast.
The same keel was designed for the Vismara V80 Nakupenda, only 3,20 m of draft for a 24 metres carbon fiber sailing yacht.


Refitting Year
9500 kg
4200 kg

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