The one off Nove (19 m), when the boat is like a tailor’s suit.


Have you ever wondered what the English expression ‘one off’ means referring to a sailboat? Identify boats made in a single piece, not simply custom boats, but real unique works made for the needs of the owner, as if they were a tailor’s suit. We were in Cala dei Sardi to discover up close what a one off is, on board Nove, 63 feet by Andrea Pezzi, one-off project (V 63 XR) in wood and carbon realised in collaboration with Vismara, OYA Yacht Design, with the contribution of Claudio Demartis and built by Officine Alto Adriatico.

The former DJ and TV host, today ‘guru’ of digital advertising, has decided to realise the boat of dreams, made to measure for his needs. This is how the experience was on board the Nove by Andrea Pezzi.

When the boat is a one off the owner becomes an active part of the project and the construction site tries to make reality what at first is just a dream or a pencil sketch on a blank sheet of paper.

So it was for Nine, where the shipowner literally drew his idea of a boat, with the request that it was a modern boat but with an ancient flavour, that ‘smell of wood’. For this reason the one off NINE is a boat built of wood and reinforced with carbon.

The hull was made of red cedar planks on a scale with wooden brackets. The blanket is made of mahogany plywood. The structures are made of solid wood douglas and the structures of the keel are made of Iroko wood. The areas where the loads are concentrated such as the lams, the tree beam the bottom of the hull, the madieri area are reinforced with carbon.

Nove is a marine boat, as we had to verify during our day spent on board, but Mills for Nove still designed a rather agile hull, which allows those on board to enjoy sailing as soon as the breeze rises.

One off Nove – the data sheet

Hull length 19.15 m

Floating length 18.58 m

Maximum width 5.29 m

Draft 2.80 m

Light Displacement 25,127 Kg