Beauceant is a boat designed for those who love sailing all year round, whatever the sea and wind conditions might be, and it is able to deal with long periods at sea, in safety and with a small crew.


V45 Fast Cruiser
13,30 M
4,20 M
2,80 M
6000 KG
140 Mq
2500 KG

The Yacht

«Beauceant» brings together all of the experience garnered in designing the previous 40/43’ vessels, from «Lucifera» to «Koala» and «Sheliak», onto the 45’ «Gaia», on which the hull design - and therefore, the top-level performance - is based. The Baltic 50 and Mas 60 have inspired the elegant teak deck, which is free of rigs, all of which have been sent to the cockpit and set below deck to make the bridge practical and comfortable and at the same time, to allow just two people to manage the boat with ease. With an eye to easy sailing, «Beauceant», like the «Vismara/Farr 65» and the Mas 60, has a sail plan with generously sized main and a self-turning jib with low overlap, the performance of which in this direction is aided by the carbon wing mast and the mainsail furler boom. The design also takes into consideration the need to have volumes and spaces on board that will allow for living, privacy and also storage and supplies. It also takes on board the challenge of guaranteeing all this without compromising on overall style or on the line of the hull, which is still sleek and elegant.


The interiors include a master cabin in the bow, with central double bed and large bathroom. The stern area is dedicated to guests, with two double cabins and a second, shared bathroom. The dinette is cozy with its two sofas – a U-shaped one on the port side, with dining table, and an L-shaped sofa on the starboard side. The galley and course plotting area are opposite one another, on the port and starboard sides of the main entrance respectively. The surfaces of the furnishings and bulkheads in composite are faced in teak veneer and the overall design aims to create a warm, welcoming environment with a linear, modern design. The furniture is built in sandwich board and is structural. Cruising needs are favoured by the lightness of the boat’s displacement and the high-level performance under sail and engine power. The refined appendages, the lines of the hull and the sail plan are all perfectly matched by the sophisticated materials and construction techniques: the hull and deck are made on male moulds and laminated with epoxy resin over unidirectional E glass fabrics with Kevlar reinforcements in the points subjected to the greatest stress or impact, impregnated in a vacuum at 0.65 Atm and post-cured at 60° C for 12 hours. Displacement is 6,000 kg, for approx. 2,500 kg ballast in the end bulb, which is in 4% antimony lead. Even the technique used to lay the teak on the deck and in the cockpit has taken the need to save weight and provide lasting coverage into account, leading to the choice of vacuum bonding with epoxy resin.

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