Circumnavigating the world in classic style the baltic 112 Canova is a sailing yacht designed specifically for circumnavigating the globe. With the owner intent on making the passage with the minimum number of port stopovers, the challenge for the finnish boat builder and the other partners in this project was to incorporate sufficient storage capacity without compromising the high levels of performance which have become the trademark of every Baltic yacht.


builder Baltic
concept Vismara
34,233 M
7,830 M
93034 KG
3,30 M
5,50 M

The yacht

Kenneth Nyfelt, Sales Manager at Baltic Yachts, says the yard already had a good relationship with the owner from Italy and he has been very specific about that he wanted to get sufficient water and fuel capacity for some proper, ocean-going, long-distance sailing. During his voyage he wants to remain as independent as possible from needing to refuel and restock the boat in harbours and marinas.” Baltic Yachts has worked with a number of partners on the 112 project, with Judel/Vrolijk who provided their expertise as the naval architects, while Italian naval architect Alex Vismara worked closely with the owner and braught his design input into the boat. Baltic own in-house design teams provided much of the technical details for the boat. R&J Design worked on the hull, deck, interior and plumbing, while Flink Engineering provided specifications for the electrics and electronics.

Designer's comment

The B112 judel/vrolijk & co has been designed for an experienced sailor, who is intending to navigate around the world but also likes to enjoy the pleasure of a really fast sailing yacht. To fulfil the needs of long distance cruising to exotic and remote waters, the decision has been made to put the focus on safety and comfort and therefore to go for an e-glass sandwich hull. Designing to the same stiffness, this material leads to slightly thicker skins of the hull shell compared to a full carbon hull and therefore the hull becomes more quiet and gets a bit of extra safety against impact damage. Nevertheless it was the goal to create a real performance yacht that allows for fast ocean passages and easy handling of the yacht. Therefore the boat has been projected with a lift keel concept, that has been designed to achieve a reasonable, but not extreme shallow draft of approx. 3.5 m with keel up and that provides a deep draft of 5.5 when the keel is fully lowered to combine a proper righting moment with a moderate ballast weight and to end up with a ratio of weight, ballast and sail area that allows for good sailing performance. Judel/vrolijk & co

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