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Relaxed cruising at high speeds. Kenneth nyfelt describes the baltic 62 semi-custom as “a fast cruising yacht, designed for high performance cruising but also for ease and simplicity of handling”.


builder Baltic
concept Vismara
62 Semi Custom
19,05 M
4,85 M
19000 KG
7200 KG
2,40 M
3,40 M

The Boat

The Baltic 62SC project has evolved from the Baltic 62 Custom currently nearing completion at the yard, and also the more performance-oriented Baltic 65 launched last year.The Semi-Custom model will be available with two different deck layouts - single or twin-cockpit - and two different interior layouts - owner aft or owner forward.The single cockpit option is likely to appeal to owners and families who like to get closely involved in the sailing and handling of the boat. The twin cockpit creates an area away from the sheets and winches, enabling guests or less experienced sailors to enjoy their cruising at a distance from the working areas of the deck. The keel is available as a standard fixed option or as a telescopic, lifting keel. The carbon rig package includes aft-swept spreaders providing strong support to the mast, minimising the rig’s reliance on the running backstays. As with the deck layout options, Nyfelt says the choice of interior layout is down to the way the owner intends to use the boat. “Most owners tend to choose the ‘owner forward’ option these days, as this makes for a quieter cabin away from the noise of the cockpit and main operating areas further aft,” he says. “However, for the owner looking for a smoother ride when the boat is at sea, we still offer the ‘owner aft’ option.”The styling of the interior is very open to the owner’s tastes and preferences. “At Baltic we are used to accommodating a range of styles, from traditional Scandinavian teak interiors, to the white, minimalist, modern styling that has become more popular in recent years. We think the custom options available on the Baltic 62SC will give this boat a very broad appeal.”


Hull laminate to be a Carbon /Aramid/Epoxy composite over Core-Cell foam, vacuum laminated to design weight fractions and post cured to 50 degrees C for minimum 16 hours in accordance with the resin manufacturer’s recommended cure cycle. Hull laminate is done using 3-stage vacuum infusion system.


The keel can either be a fixed keel fin with a lead bulb or a lifting keel version.


Deck built as a one-off on a male or female plug using Carbon/Epoxy-vacuum consolidated laminates cured at 50 ºC for minimum 16 hours. Core material used is Core-Cell with higher density inserts in way of fittings. 3-stage infusion type laminate.


Advanced lightweight construction techniques used in construction of the interior. A custom made high technology laminating press is used for the lamination of the main bulkheads and interior panels. The use of this press results in bulkheads and panels with very high laminate quality and surface smoothness enabling application of thin wood veneer on visible surfaces without excessive use of filler.

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