The theme that the firm decided to develop was that of creating a boat essentially for cruise use, a boat that would be comfortable and roomy, but with style and performance that would express the perfect ratio between the power of a racer and the comfort of a cruiser. Thus we can sum up the main characteristics of this new project as the fine, light design of the bow and the notable volume of the stern, following in the wake of the design philosophy that made the “Koala Hi-Tech”, of which “Gaia” is the next step forward, so well known.


V45 Fast Cruiser
13,30 M
4,24 M
2,60 M
6000 KG
120 Mq
2300 KG


The displacement is medium-light to optimise performance and passage over the waves. In view of the intended use, which is “sports cruising”, the focus has been on guaranteeing marine qualities and on making the boat easier to pilot, light to manoeuvre, comfortable while sailing and extremely high performance under sail or engine power. There has been a careful choice of materials to suit the type of use of the boat; excellent-quality resins combined with sophisticated lamination techniques have made it possible to optimise the laminate’s mechanical properties and to achieve a good price/quality ratio. Also worthy of note is the high quality cabinetry used in the interiors. The owner did not wish to give up any of the warmth and elegance of wood, seeking out and demanding attention to detail, but always in full compliance with the weight allowances for the design.


The boat was made using composites, unidirectional glass fibre, impregnated in epoxy resins and post-cured at 70° C over a core in variable density Kleggcell for both the hull and deck as well as the fixtures. The layout and construction technology of the interiors use the base concepts behind the ‘Koala’: these features are characterised by incredibly innovative and essential design choices that have focused on the hull, which is exposed in the majority of the boat.


The interiors are perfectly symmetrical and modular, a fact that works in favour of light weight, longitudinal rigidity as well as simplifying construction. The furnishings are made with sandwich panels veneered in Tanganyka walnut, with carbon tops that occupy the bottom part of the boat, leaving the hull exposed. The pairing of these materials, with “exposed” treatment, and specific colour solutions to finish the furnishings, has created a modern, light and airy atmosphere. The division of space is optimum for a 45’, with master cabin plus bathroom in the bow and two more double cabins in the stern, which share a central bathroom. The large dinette with galley and course plotting area, is located amidships and set out symmetrically. The sail plan sums up the very latest concepts in “easy sailing”: it has a carbon mast with spreaders angled slightly aft, without flying rigs and slightly fractional, and a large batten main, so as to obtain efficient performance and simple manoeuvres with a smaller crew as well as easier cruise use. The deck features a large cockpit with two wheels and comfortable benches, plus a sleek, low deckhouse.

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