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The Vismara 45 Open is a semi-custom racer/cruiser. Vismara has designed the hull and the interior, but also the hydro and aerodynamics with the design project of the new carbon wing mast. Every process, carbon mast lamination included, was carried out by marine services.


V45 Open Racer/Cruiser
13.30 M
11.30 M
4.20 M
6000 KG
105 Mq

The Yacht

The new design project by Vismara, aims to create a fast hull, free of IMS regulations, with which it is possible to race with satisfaction and results in the class IRC regattas, but also to enjoy the fittings and the volumes envisaged for a cruiser. The 45 Cruiser/Racer is present in a sporting version, but suitable for a more racing use. The construction is therefore sophisticated and includes lamination of the hull and deck on male moulds using carbon fibre and anti-collision reinforcements in Kevlar in the areas at most risk of impact (bow and stern chine), on epoxy matrix, impregnated in a vacuum at 0.65 Atm and post-cured at 60° for 12 hours. The structural bulkheads are in carbon.


The layout of the interiors has three cabins, of which two queensized cabins in the stern with extra foldaway bunks with tubular frames and a third cabin in the bow end with twin beds. There are two bathrooms: amidships and bow. The services and systems are concentrated in a real engine room that can be inspected easily and allows for suitable weigh concentration which contributes to the best trim and stability for the boat. The furniture style includes exposed carbon fittings such as the table tops, kitchen tops, bathroom washbasins, and the shelves behind the sofas. To save on weight, to serve the aesthetics and considering the sporting use of the vessel, the dinette and cabins will not have wall cabinets and the hull will be left exposed and painted with textured paint, The deck is fitted out for racing with free rig on deck, except for the mainsail sheet, which is sunken and concentrated in the spacious cockpit that has been studied to allow easy control of the rig. The carbon halyards are structural.


The stern is open and the double helm station is in carbon with integrated columns. The sail plan has a Custom wing mast with very generous main sail (furling into the carbon boon) and furling jib with low overlap. The mast was designed by Vismara Yacht Design, making the most of the experience acquired with the previous models Vismara/Farr 65’ and Mas 60. With regard to the appendages: the rudder axle and paddle are in vacuum laminated carbon with epoxy matrix and the keel is made with blade in boxed steel, faced with glass fibre and end bulb in lead with 4% antimony. The usability of the Vismara 45 Racer/Cruiser, even in cruise conditions, is not only guaranteed by its comfortable interiors, but also by the envisaged fittings, such as heating, a fully equipped galley and two bathrooms. The Vismara 45 Open Racer/Cruiser, launched in spring 2003, made its debut at the Trofeo Accademia Navale e Città di Livorno competition.

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