Taking a cue from the world of racing and seeing pictures of around the world currently, the volvo ocean race route of 37,000 miles, the longest race in the world and extreme with the largest number of teams, where new technologies are made test with the use of materials, equipment, keel, dinghy and speed to the maximum resistance.


V50 Sport
16.10 M
4.50 M
3.00 M
10000 KG
140.00 Mq
5000 KG

The Boat

V50 Sport was dreamed, designed and put into implementation by bringing the study of these hulls are extremely fast and capable of dealing with the state of the sea in all conditions, the cruiser-racer, so as to allow the sailor lover to face all situations. With this project Spadolini Vismara and compete in a vessel of 15 meters in carbon using the concept of extremism performance to give users the ability to «everyday» to enjoy the «performance» without sacrificing the convenience that a cruise requires your boat. It would have been much easier to tackle a project of «design» of great size, but one of our goals was to be able to find the optimal measure for the trial. A good compromise between architecture and design a boat that has a different dimension from the object held in his hand: it is a moving object, for which he was a «something» that is design, but it’s big, it has interior, must, therefore, able to combine coherently the roomy cabin with an outside line, a complex dialogue around architecture and design for certain items for others, in short, a «right» field trials. The project stems from the idea that winning is better, that is, among other things, creates emotion and said it immediately transmits a form that is convincing, passionate, but it seems normal at the same time innovative. The exterior of the «V50 Sport» feature original shapes and straight lines with a very low coach roof, which complements the shaft slides in carbon supported on deck. The design element that contains the track for the application of the spray top, goes up to the cockpit which is very secure, comfortable and not hanged by the maneuvers of the mainsail and Genoa. Since this boat has also been designed to try their hand at racing was the preferred solution of 6 winches with a provision of consolidated operations. The space reserved for the «trimmer» was located in a protected area between the end of the deckhouse, which ends with the plane where there are two baths in the service of the cabins below deck, and the columns of the steering wheel, with the contrast of the mainsail, which is part of the step of dividing the area of the helmsman in the stern. Another important element is the parameter which are placed low on the winches for the Genoa and mainsail with sheets of the various chokes that are completely recessed below deck and serve as protection to the steering wheel.


Additional distinctive elements of the exterior are: the bow completely free with all the opening flush, the lightweight design of the integrated non-slip surface and bowsprit in the construction of the hull without the need for additional reinforcement and with the possibility to integrate more. To conclude with the exterior, it is important to emphasize two points aft, the turret can function with the carbon support for satellite, radar, beacon street on a cruise can be the support of the outboard motor of the dinghy and walkway carbon consists of a single piece of 2.20 meters, inserted in the transom to make it lighter and more slender, and as a rib design. For the interior has been revived, after a careful reworking of ergonomics, the solution of the draft prepared by Alessandro Vismara V52 in keeping with some modifications dictated by the lower decks and sleek. The starting point was to have the floor at a constant height and flush doors to give continuity to the entire length of the boat, using innovative materials that provide more rigidity and far more flexible solutions. Going down, left is the kitchen area with sink, refrigerator, stove, oven and right correspondence with the area the opportunity to enter an additional refrigerator. The square has two U-shaped with four straps, which individually may have two different heights, 0.45 or 0.72 cm and at the same time form a single table can be used from the comfort of eight people and two stools with separate, everything is permitted by the presence of a central passage with a double door of 0.35 cm each, is not normally possible due to the presence of the tree. At the bow there is a cabin with two large beds, then the cabinets and the bathroom where she obtained a partial shower where you can, with a longitudinal movement, passes out through the window man that also allows access by ‘ outside the locker. Aft there are two separate cabins, each of which is directly connected to your bathroom. Important and distinctive interior signs are: cupboards suspended for the entire length of the hull to allow the user to enjoy the full width of the boat and a strip of polycarbonate mirror to stand out more space. The project of «V50 SPORT» is innovative, stimulating the imagination and expectations, always searching for something more, to the challenge of the future!

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