Koala Hi-Tech


Rather than a simple design project, “Koala Hi-Tech” was a genuine research and experiment laboratory, giving rise to a host of technological innovations and architectural solutions: a fast cruiser in carbon, with a tough look and a mobile keel that is the result of complicated fluid dynamics calculations.


43 Open
13,20 M
4,24 M
5000 KG
124 Mq
2500 KG
2 M
3,20 M

The Yacht

Even the interiors, in terms of layout and technology, are an important step forward for boat design in general. In fact, for the first time, glass fibre, Kevlar and carbon have been used as aesthetic and not just structural features. Once past the dominance of wooden finishes, this technology has meant significant weight savings, thanks to the elimination of the filling, painting and facing processes.


The architecture of “Koala Hi-Tech” includes an ultra-modern hull, the result of the latest developments in hydrodynamics applied to Open and IMS racers, with a fine, lightweight design for the bow and notable volume in the stern, plus very tight longitudinal “buttocks”. Displacement is quite light, to optimise planing and passage over the waves. “Koala” also has a centre board with 2,000 kg end bulb, which means draught can be varied from 2 to 3.2 m, favouring, on one hand, the cruiser’s needs for reduced draught, and on the other, extremely high stability and hold for the sail. To achieve such light displacement and high weight concentration with a 60% ballast ratio, all in the end bulb, the boat was built in composite material, using unidirectional Kevlar and carbon fibres, vacuum impregnated with epoxy resin and post-cured at 70° C on a termanto core with variable density. The same technique and materials were used for the fittings. The sail plan is regatta-based. The carbon mast has spreaders slightly angled aft, without running rigging, and set right back for better trim; there will be a large batten main, a genoa with low overlap, a removable foremast and a large gennaker with retracting bowsprit. This type of rig not only offers excellent racing efficiency, it is also notably simple to manoeuvre with a smaller crew, meaning the boat is easier to use when cruising.


The innovative contribution of the interior design of “Koala” is not limited to its aesthetic and structural use of composite materials: a further development has been the “symmetrical” division of the same, which has made it possible to fully integrate fittings and the structure, to the benefit of light weight, longitudinal rigidity and simple manufacture – this latter thanks to the standardised nature of the elements. The division is ideal for a 43’, with 2 master cabins and 2 bathrooms in the stern, a twin cabin in the bow and a large dinette with galley and course plotting area built into the compartments to the sides of the step for the centreboard, which as well as being functional then becomes a furnishing element. The deck features a very large cockpit with two wheels and comfortable bench seating with back rests for cruising. Great care and attention has gone into studying the overall aesthetics of the deck and deckhouse, so as to make this a modern boat with a classical style at the same time, in order to guarantee the possibility to sell it on in the future.

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