This craft is part of the Vismara 45 Open mini-series. For “Margherita” the firm gave more focus to the development of its racing characteristics, which influenced the choice of construction material, some deck solutions and some of the interiors, as well as the hydro, aerodynamics and the design of a new carbon wing mast.


V45 Open
13,30 M
4,20 M
2,80 M
6000 KG
120 Mq
2850 KG

The Yacht

For this project, Vismara Yacht Design has aimed at building an ultra-fast hull, not bound by IMS regulations, with which to race successfully in IRC class and at the same time, to enjoy the fittings and spaces usually envisaged for cruising. Compared to its predecessor, “Beauceant”, this new Open is sportier and destined more for regatta use. The construction is therefore more sophisticated and includes lamination of the hull and deck on male moulds with the use of carbon fibre and Kevlar anti-collision reinforcements in the areas most at risk of impact (bow and stern profile), on an epoxy matrix with vacuum impregnation at 0.65 Atm, post-cured at 60° for 12 hours. The structural bulkheads are in carbon.


The interior layout includes three cabins, of which two queen-sized ones in the stern, complete with extra foldaway bed with tubular frame, and a third, twin-bed cabin in the bow. Utilities and systems are grouped together in an easily inspected engine room, which has made it possible to concentrate weight for better trim and stability. The styling of the fittings includes furniture with exposed carbon elements, such as table tops, galley work tops, washbasins and shelves behind the sofas. To limit weight, in terms of aesthetics and also considering the sporting use of this vessel, the dinette and cabins have no wall cabinets, which leaves the hull – painted with textured paint - exposed. The deck is equipped for regatta use, with rig running freely on the deck, except for the mainsail sheet, which is set in the cockpit, which is large and designed for easy rig control. The carbon chain-plates are structural. The stern is open and the double helm is in carbon, with fully integrated columns. The sail plan stands out for its carbon mast with generously sized main sail and furling jib with small overlap. As far as appendages are concerned, the rudder blade and axle are in carbon, vacuum laminated on an epoxy matrix, while the keel, which has a boxed steel blade, is faced in glass fibre with an end bulb in 4% antimony lead. The usability of the Vismara 45 Racer/ Cruiser in cruise conditions is guaranteed not only by the comfort of the interiors, but also by the equipment fitted, which includes heating, a well-equipped galley as well as two bathrooms.

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