Miss Tung


The project in the field of offshore fast cruising is another step forward in yacht design specially for the re conceptualization of internal and external spaces from the standpoint of ease of operation; this is easy sailing.


V62 Easy Sailing
18,60 M
4,82 M
14000 KG
187,50 Mq
7000 KG
2,40 M
3,20 M

The Boat

Yacht is characterized by various distinct areas of development and design innovation: The hull is derived from the modern Volvo 70 ‘, which is characterized by a maximum width reduced by a medium/ light displacement, high stability ratio and fine lines at the bow to ensure the most comfortable pass on the waves and convenience of navigation. The innovative stern hull sections, with «edge plane», increase the dynamic waterline length, the directional stability and performance, including motor, reaching a cruising speed of 11 knots. Other special features are the construction which was built entirely in carbon fiber, the anchor system concealed under the hull, the stern garage with ample storage space and dinghy, the sunbathing area with a built-in gangway, and many other details to see onboard. the layout has been completely transformed in order to have larger space respect to the standard measure of a 60 feet yacht, Thanks to the repositioning of the service and seating areas, the modern «raised saloon» allows a full visibility outside when standing, while sitting the visibility is guaranteed by the windows.


The kitchen area has been moved forward of the saloon, IN a lower part, to clearly define the separated functions of this environment while leaving an «open space» in the living room. it was developed on both sides with a central console, perfectly symmetrical, modern & practical. The central area of the boat is characterized by a module that includes a new generation of «telescopic» keel which allows the reduction of draft from 3.60 to 2.20 m while encumbering only 80 cm inside the boat. The central furniture was also integrated with the engine, in this way not only that it is far from the cabins there for quieter inside the cabins, but also offers the best concentration of the weights. This module central furniture combined with engine has been architecturally transformed into a coffee/ kitchen table. all cabins have bathrooms moved in to the aft, and this provides a high livability in the cabin, allowing an access to both sides of the beds. the bathrooms in the stern increases the quietness and privacy, and creates a zone of division between the cabin and the aft locker where are machinery such as air conditioning, generator. While sleeping head to bow the feet are near the bathroom instead of near the head as normally occurs. Small details that can change everything.

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