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MY 34 Weekender

MY 34 Weekender

Vismara Marine is pleased to present the new MY V34 Weekender project.
A latest-generation motor yacht, born from an idea of ​​Vismara Marine and from the pencil of Giuliano Galeazzi, architect and designer, in collaboration with Erik Bio as regards the external lines and the interiors and Carlos Mezzera for the structures and the hull.
A boat unique in its kind, inspired by car design and with a decidedly innovative layout, very spacious both outside and inside, but nevertheless it was possible to homologate it as a vessel under 10 m.
It is built almost entirely in carbon, covered in teak, very light and fast on the water, with the possibility of reaching 40 knots.
Aft are installed two 200/300 HP tilting outboard motors each, in a lateral position, almost hidden.
The wheelhouse is located amidships with the large console consisting of a touch display and the steering wheel inspired by racing cars, integrating various functions in the grips; there is also a joystick to facilitate mooring maneuvers and two seats protected by a fairing.
Aft, behind the wheelhouse there are two lateral chaise longues and a large central sundeck that can be turned into a hydromassage pool, to enjoy the pleasure of diving in the water while out of season or on the lakes.
The helmsman’s seat houses a refrigerated bar and two pull-out tables. On the deck there is the possibility of having a T-top to shade the cockpit.
The interiors are characterized by a glazed surface that runs along the whole boat and allows a continuous 180 ° view, making the interiors very bright, and from two separate entrances to starboard and to the left, which allow to obtain a discreet privacy in the areas owner and guests.
The layout includes two double beds, one towards the stern and the other towards the bow, to divide them a bathroom with shower; at the extreme bow there is a half-moon sofa facing aft to look at the bed where, on the headboard, a large lcd-tv is affixed. A single corridor runs around the two beds and the bathroom and joins the two entrances aft and starboard to the stern; on this side there is also a mini kitchen / coffee area and fridge / wine cellar.
The interior design recalls, in a futuristic vision, the belly of a whale, with the structures of the exposed floorboards and the spaces devoid of bulkheads that favor the empty spaces with respect to the full ones, and that have a modular furniture placed along the sides, with shutters sliding instead of the classic doors. The lighting is integrated into the structure of the floors and creates a decidedly unique nocturnal effect, scanned by the various rings / floorboards in sequence.
A new boat, full of architectural “revolutions” … … for a new way to experience the sea on weekends or short cruises in a floating “suite”.


MY 34
11 m
3,9 m
0,49 m
6228 kg
x2 200/300 HP Evinrude
32/43 kn

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