SuperNikka V62

Vismara Mills V62 - A vision of four

After the great success of the Vismara V47 RC Nikka, Vismara shipyard and Mills Yacht Design started designing the new Vismara Mills 62 Rc SuperNIKKA, the natural evolution of the Vismara V47 Rc. A real racer cruiser of the sea, sporty, but yet elegant and strong. Upwind the new Vismara Mills V62 is a missile, and thanks to the telescopic keel in full wind it’s possible to improve the performance and change the center of gravity for optimal sailing.

About the project Mr. Mark Mills said:

“The opportunity to work in a team with Mr. Lacorte and Vismara to bring the vision of a fast race-winning Racer/Cruiser design to reality is rewarding. This design builds on our successful racing yachts, starting with the research and design team and tools developed for the Mini-Maxi Alegre, and extending that to utilise the latest Volvo program RANS CFD. We have worked to optimise her to a Mediterranean weather profile with an offshore bias, reflecting the mix of racing that Mr. Lacorte will do, including the 151 Miglia, a race with personal importance. After many design evolutions this has produced the exciting powerful hull shape which offers not only high performance but a striking modern look combining power, speed, and beauty.”

Alessandro Vismara, the CEO of the Vismara Marine Spa said:

“SuperNikka is one of the leading projects of the last years, developed for an expert owner and by an international team able to share and develop all together the same great idea. Someone use to talk about Vismara Marine as the Open Company, they are right. I’m really exciting for that because it means that something good is born from my dream of more than 30 years ago”.

Mark Mills said:

“Once we understood the requirements of the campaign, the needs of the builder, and in particular some feeling for the spirit and enthusiasm of Roberto to create a new design that was genuinely fast, exciting, and visually striking then things came together very quickly. Some projects have many problems that need to be solved, but with SuperNikka we all found agreement on the important things easily, it has been a great project for us because of this, a pleasure.”


19,00 M
16.500 KG
2,95 M
4,20 M
5,00 M

Construction technology

The Vismara lightness philosophy is the core of this 62 racer cruiser yacht. It is made of a carbon sandwich construction vacuumed with epoxy resin, extremely strong and secure. Hull, deck and bulkheads will undergo a postcuration process at controlled temperature according to supplier's technical sheets at no more than 60°. Structural reinforcement are realized using unidirectional carbon fibre.

The new Vismara Mills 62 will be launch as a sport boat with predisposition for cruising arrangements that will be easy installed. The owner must use it to racing in all the most important mediterranean long regattas and elsewhere than, during the summer, he will have his own cruising along the Mediterranean costs.
A tender garage door will be removable and changed with lighter panel for racing.
The performance solutions doesn’t compromise the habitability on board.
The Vismara project team has been developed a custom lifting keel that will provide the boat, with a box shaped structure that allow to the boat to have a minimum draft of 2.95 m and a maximum draft of 4.20 m.


The new Vismara Mills V62 will benefit of an internal carbon sandwich structural furniture, to obtain a low weight construction and to benefit the relationship between displacement and ballast.
The interior space, thanks to the large aft, use the maximum bandwidth and allow 2 large twin aft cabins with separated bathrooms. Just behind, a lazarette which is suitable for a dinghy.
Leaving the bridge and the large cockpit designed for maneuvering in the race, the interior includes an advanced and a sporty cruiser. Light and furnishings designed specifically make the new Vismara Mills 62 RC racer a comfortable and refined environment where you will find all the characters of the mark Vismara. The interior can accommodate eight guests in four twin beds distributed in the two aft cabins, in the owner’s cabin with king size bed and two single beds for the racing crew.

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