Updates, refitting, construction; a week at the Vismara Marine shipyard


These days the situation at the Vismara Marine shipyard is rather crowded. In the last few weeks, Twin, Luce Guida – after the triumph at the Salone in Genoa – and Lupa of London have arrived for various operations, while the V52 and V100B are under construction.

Twin will undergo routine works, while the Lupa of London – Baltic 78 from 2000 – faces more important operations: the stern will be opened to enlarge the deck spaces, and furthermore the glazing of the hull and a restyling of the interior are planned.

For Luce Guida, instead, the large glazing of the dinette, which covers it entirely, will be modified: of course, neither the exceptional brightness nor the possibility of opening the frontal portion will be affected, but the part near the stern will be modified in order to obtain more effective openings for the two cabins adjacent to the dinette.

For V52 and V100B, the completion of installations and interiors is underway.

Seemingly different, they actually have in common the same philosophy: fun Fast Cruisers for navigation even with a reduced crew, comfortable and safe for long stays, they have very large spaces and on the same level from the cockpit to the dinette, extraordinary brightness and outside visibility, and numerous innovative solutions on both the sailing and engineering and installation sides. V100B, however, is a ship of notably larger scale and will introduce Vismara Marine to the world of maxi yachts. With the complexities of a ship, it requires respectable construction expertise. And that is what we will talk to you about next.

At the moment the hull is ready; the staff is finishing the outfitting of the engine room, the general equipment, and the painting of the hull is underway.