“Around the shipyard”


As always we wander inside the Vismara Marine Shipyard with a watchful eye on the progress

of the work of the boats in production.

Nothing to say. To be the leader for its majestic tonnage is the V100B, which currently we find it really at a good point,

I would dare say “next to the launch”.

Once the keel has been put and the rudders have been set, we see the men of the Vismara commit themselves with constancy, determination and professionalism.

More and more excitement and excitement can be felt on board the V100B.

We return enthusiastically to the outside of the shipyard where we are soon to launch Lupa of London, much ahead with the works like

tells us his captain Alessandro Pin.

Stern done! We had left it to complete the interior and today we find Lupa of London with a new layout,

finally ready to welcome his own owners and guests.

Speaking of interiors we go to visit Victoria where the work of transformation began. (Soon we will try to get to know her better)

In front of us we find IL gatto e la volpe where the refitting and transformation works continue.