Vismara Spirit/DNA Vismara – How are Vismara boats created?


How are Vismara boats created?
Going to Vismara is like sitting in a tailor’s studio. But it doesn’t start with leafing through a catalog, rather with a blank sheet.

Alessandro Vismara, President at Vismara Marine: Usually the starting point is a dream, that of the shipowner, and in order to give it substance they are immediately asked to answer three questions: how they will use the boat, where they want to sail, and with whom. From these simple answers it is already possible to identify the basic orientation: if it will be a vessel for cruising or racing, for sailing the Mediterranean or in the ocean, too, with a small crew or just family members, or perhaps even for a luxury charter. Each boat is unique and special. The design is a joint effort with the shipowner, from the first sketches on a blank page to the complete design, that is of course realized with the most modern design programs, relying on the advanced techniques of simulation and control. We often collaborate with specialists and designers that specialize in the most suitable techniques for the realization of the project to which we are giving shape time after time.