Interview with Axel De Beaufort


Tell us about your experience in this Nacira 69 project?

A.D.B. Nacira 69 is a particular project. we have incredible ship owners who ask us for a very fast boat, but at the same time also a cruise boat, this involves a greater idea that one has to develop. The project must be a very light and comfortable boat.


What do you think about the Vismara team?

A.D.B. I found a lot of collaboration and synergy from everyone. And a team of real professionals.


Can we say that Nacira 69 is similar to a larger 60 Imoca?

A.D.B. When we started this project myself and my friend Guillaume Verdier, the mission was to take as an example a boat like the Imoca 60 and apply the characteristics of a cruise boat; this is why the boat is so wide. With a form of avangurdia it allows us to conceive the interiors differently because the hull is wider and flatter. In this boat we can look out more easily than a boat with the tallest hull. In the future, boats will be more and more like this. Nacira 69 is a very extreme boat just like its owner wants it.


Special features of the project?

A.D.B. There are some amusing paradoxes about the project, on the one hand there are some high level aspects of technology such as the tilting keel which must also be raised so that the owner can reach high performance and at the same time also low phonadal zones.


How do you find yourself working with Guillaume Verdier?

A.D.B. This project was the opportunity to work together with my friend Verdier, whom I know since I started my career as a naval architect in 2004. The Nacira 69 was the first real collaboration together. We both have a lot of experience in the world of racing boats, certainly Verdier more than me, I am more focused on design. It is a fantastic collaboration, we are working with friends, but we do not aim to communicate but focus on the project and try to make excellent projects. This boat is the first model and I am very curious to see where we will arrive.