Interview with Damiano Lancia – “COSMETIC WORK as we usually call in jargon …”

What are the boats that will do a real “cosmetic work”?
D.L. Let’s say that the boat we have today in Cantiere, which we will soon examine, will all be more or less subjected to a cosmetic work, as we call it in jargon.
Energheia V50, Yoru V62, Twin V56, Castigo B65 and Whisper B56.
Starting with the first one. Tell us about which refitting jobs will be applied?
D.L. Speaking of Energheia, a Vismara 50, the first carbon-powered boat in 2011, will do a very interesting job.
We shorten the keel of at least 40cm and we put some supporting wings maintaining the same performances. It has a new owner, who will become part of the Vismara family. Energheia will also undergo a change in the interior, for example the kitchen, in short, we will dedicate ourselves to both the layout and the technical parts.
Let’s move on to Yoru and Twin, what awaits him?
D.L. Boats like Yoru and Twin have quieter processes, being newer boats, however they are already in the second season. They will ask for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance … it will surely be a more relaxing wintering for the two boats.
And what about the two Baltics?
D.L. Both will have a remarkable series of workmanship. On Castigo we will go to land the engine to put one with more powerful propulsion. To do this we will open the blanket and close everything as if nothing had happened. Finally it will be repainted. Whisper born as a super costum boat is a classic but fast boat. The owner will completely change the boat because he is a person both a navigator and eclectic, inventor, he is making fun with his desire to think about how he wants his boat to navigate. Will change the deck, want to customize the interior, we will rebuild the teak with gray coments … let’s say that even here we expect a beautiful result.