Interview with DAMIANO LANCIA – refit of Vismara Marine continues


What are the last boats that have entered the construction site?

D.L. The latest arrivals are the V54 Brighella, to which we do a very painstaking job … let’s call it a complete chek up of the boat and in addition we re-sell the teak with a new gray coment. And then there is the V54 B5, she will be made several jobs such as a total re-polishing of the interior before putting it on sale.

Are there any other boats arriving?

D.L. Yes, there will be a Swan here that will have to be completely redone due to the big storm that was there this winter … the works will be a total refit and maybe some customization ad hoc for the owners. We will also have a Hanse 50 for which we have designed a new keel that allows a low draft and an improvement in stability and performance.

As for the boats already here for a while … what can you say, and at what point are their works?

D.L. We are at a good point, the work proceeds very well; we have owners and commanders very happy both for the quality and for the timing.