Vismara and today’s sailing world – Interview with Sebastiano Morassutti


Sebastiano Rech Morassutti of Trimarine, Nacira Project Manager, is following the construction of the new vessel on behalf of the shipowner. Here are his reflections on the construction techniques adopted.

SRM – Nacira was devised as a boat that would be both fast and competitive in races—but also pleasant when cruising—for an informed shipowner with considerable technical and navigational skills. The hull is built in carbon with a Corecell interior, while the cover and bulkheads are Nomex honeycomb, all in the name of weightlessness and, therefore, competitiveness and maneuverability.

Why the choice of technique with a female mold?
SRM – The female mold permits a better external finish, which is useful for a vessel that is born to be fast; it also allows to get a perfect control on weights during putty and paint cycle.

What arrangements were adopted into the construction process?
SRM – It is very important that the oven temperature be consistent, as it was in this case, so that the hardening – the polymerize process – of the structure is uniform at all points. The oven we use, a large chamber that contains the entire mold, also has an internal temperature detection for the different hull areas, in order to control the process.
Furthermore, we also chose to bake, or “cure” as we also say in our jargon, every single layer after its installation. This process adds more time, but it offers greater accuracy and security for the end result.

How are you able to carry out an inspection of the hull before moving on with the next phases of work?
SRM – We arrange for an ultrasound inspection, which can reveal any potential discontinuities in the layering…it’s like having a sonogram! And, if anything shows up, it’s much better to act at this phase rather than when boat is built. Or even already at sea…

What does it mean to be the Project Manager of such an innovative boat?
SRM – It is an adventure, and at the same time a great satisfaction. The Project Manager role is about control, but at the same time it is important his support in design and building; it is interpreting and balancing the needs and interests of the shipowner with the design, planning and experience of the shipyard (and in this case, both are “number ones”). The goal, realizing the boat at its best, is the same.