Vismara and today’s marine world – Interview with Marco Mallegni


Marco Mallegni, with Vismara Marine for eight years now and coordinator of the construction of V100B, talks about the building complexity of a vessel that is not large, from its measurements to the design, but also strongly innovative.

MM – My role for V100B? I handle the coordination of all the work, under the direction of Davide Valesi.

Why is V100B important for Vismara Marine?
MM – Not only does it encompass a great innovative position, the measurement of 100” has required us to change gears at all levels. From the design, internally managed with some collaborations (Architetto Sempi for the interior, Rossocarbon for the keel and delifinera), to the construction, to the entire phase of verification and optimization after the launch. Furthermore, 100” already presents the complexities of a ship: from certifications to the measurement of the piping; the kitchen, for example, is separate from other areas and is coated with fireproof material.

What do you like most about the V100B?
MM – The keel, by Rossocarbon, which was optimized for us: retractable and featuring a Velox blade, it allows us to go from a depth of 4.60 m to 2.60 m for entering ports and at roadstead. The movement is hydraulic, the blade is blocked, with a highly reliable mechanism, with two pistons that compress it inside the mast, and a mechanical block serves as further security.

What was the most complicated thing to manage?
MM – The engineering portion: both for the necessary certifications and its complexity, while on the structural and sailing side we have been decidedly run-in. Some examples: the electrical switchboards (1.5 x 1 m) arrived here already hardwired, we have two 35 Kw lithium battery generators, the piping is like those in homes and we must plan for a very different space than the usual.