launch Nacira 69

26/01/2019 - The innovative Nacira 69 fast cruiser has just been launched, built on a new generation hull inspired by the Imoca 60.
Nacira is the first Vismara boat to inaugurate this new year in Viareggio.
A special boat whose technology is at the service of the owner and all the guests on board in full Vismara style.
On the deck there is a helm station with double blade on the hull that guarantees easy maneuverability despite the very high navigation speed. All deck maneuvers are shown on the few winches positioned aft in front of the wheelhouse and in the central cockpit. Also the mast and the boom are in carbon, resting on deck to allow maximum use of the interior spaces and moved further towards the stern, very close to the longitudinal center of the boat. Armed with four sails at the bow, all roll-up and a square top main. Under the hull is installed an extremely innovative retractable-tilting keel that allows a draft of 2.50m for entry into the motor port and 4.25m for sailing, giving the boat a greater stability and a strong reduction of the skidding.
The interiors of the Nacira are very spacious and comfortable, divided into a living area located at the stern of the tree and a sleeping area at the bow of the same.
The living area, which is accessed via a comfortable staircase from the aft cockpit, consists of a dinette on the right side and a large kitchen on the left side. Large windows make this area extremely bright, visually integrated with the aft cockpit. Proceeding towards the bow you enter the guest and owner's area, divided into 3 cabins on the right side, a bathroom and a cabin on the left side, and a second bathroom on the far bow, before the sail. Both bathrooms have a separate shower.
A boat that was born mainly for an extremely sporty and fast cruise but also for offshore races.