LAUNCH of the Vismara 56 Twin


back in the water”

Vismara 56 TWIN | Vismara – Mills

Today for this occasion we did a short interview with the young captain Matteo Carbone,

who will tell us about the refitting work that has been done to the boat.

Who is Matteo Carbone?

M.C. My name is Matteo Carbone, I am 22 years old, I live in La Spezia and I am following the procedure to become a captain of recreational craft.

At the moment I follow the Vismara 56 Twin. The boat is very recent, the owners are two brothers from which the name.

What refitting work has been done for Twin?

M.C. This year, routine maintenance and some minor changes have been made to simplify the use of on-board equipment. In particular, the application of rollers for the descent and ascent of the tender in water, the change of some floats in the tanks, change of button panels for lights and some touch-up of paint on deck.

The owners are long-standing customers of the shipyard, have built or refitted about 8 boats with Vismara, and as from the first continue to renew their confidence in the shipyard and its staff with this 56 launched at the end of 2016.

The solutions on the boat are devoted to cruising but always with an eye to the performance thanks to the slender water lines, the carbon mast and the generous sail plan that allows you to arm on the comfortable dolphin blender and other sails aft.

What do you think about the Vismara team?

M.C. I would like to give special thanks to the refit workers who are implementing my little shipbuilding experience with continuous advice and guidance, particularly in the person of Maurizio, the site manager and others who have dealt with the Twin refit.

Thanks also to all the staff vismara, from Damiano my reference figure for virtually everything.

On April 3rd we go in the water, followed by a long cruise between Sardinia and Greece, but I have no doubt we will return here in October for the winter.