Nacira V69 – Report on the hull’s lamination


Nacira V69, currently under construction, is one of Vismara Marine’s latest projects. Once again, VM chooses collaboration for devising and creating a special boat: it will be supported by an excellent team composed of the “right people” to meet the shipowner’s objectives.

Hydrodynamics and the sail plan were designed by the “genius” Guillaume Verdier, styling and concept were handled by the Parisian stylist Alex de Beaufort, and the structure was designed by the scientists at Pure Engineering. The final touch is the innovative canting lifting keel from Cariboni.

The hull has just come off the mold, and the first bulkheads, which will be glued and then laminated to the structure, will be assembled this week. Following the most innovative techniques, the hull consists of a sandwich with a pre-impregnated carbon fiber skin and a Corecell interior of varying thickness and weight. The layering was done on a female mold with a vacuum-sealed technique: first the external skin, then the layers of Corecell were glued on, and finally the interior skin layer was added. Each operation was subject to a vacuum-sealed curing cycle in an 80° oven, a constructive technique that permits greater control over the various layers and therefore also on the final result.

Outside the mold it will be even easier to assemble the bulkheads in the hull. Additionally, it will be possible to conduct a complete ultrasound inspection of both the interior and exterior.

Nacira is taking shape!