News Baltic 108 Winwin


The best of both worlds.

The hi-tech racer/cruiser , Baltic 108 WinWin, was successfully delivered from Finland earlier this summer and is now headed for the Canary Islands before spending the first winter in the Caribbean. Her sleek lines were drawn by Javier Jaudenes, and she is built either to cruise comfortably with limited crew, or race aggressively fully-crewed at the most competitive Maxi regattas. With a strong emphasis on achieving minimal weight throughout the project while still having all the comforts on board, the hull and deck were laminated in pre-preg carbon sandwich with Corecell and Nomex cores.
Baltic 108 WinWin is not only equipped with a lifting keel, but also carries a retractable propulsion system (RPS), which reduces propeller drag in the quest for the highest possible performance when sailing. A refinement of the system first used on the Baltic 147, Visione, the fixed propeller has been optimised, resulting in lower fuel consumption and a quieter engine, whilst also proving more effective during reversing manoeuvres.

The sleek superstructure encapsulates a long deck saloon, seamlessly connected to a single-level cockpit via the pushbutton retractable glass bulkhead. This bulkhead drops down discreetly, ensuring an uninterrupted transition between interior and exterior. The spacious cockpit features a sunbathing platform on either side, and provides an excellent area for fast, efficient manoeuvres while racing, and a large enough space for enjoying al fresco dining. The aft crew entrance ensures quietness and owner’s privacy.

BALTIC 108 WINWIN press release 2014