Vismara Marine Spa


The new Vismara Marine S.p.a. is born.
After 30 years of success, Vismara Marine is pleased to announce the new Vismara Marine Spa. On 4 September, the Vismara Marine has signed an important agreement with Industrial and Financial Investments Europe Spa and entered into the project by the latter called things beautiful in Italy, which is also a sub-holding company for the purpose of investing in companies considered excellent, recognized for design and technological capability, such as a model to be exported all over the world.
The Vismara shipyard, born from the passion of Alessandro Vismara along with the other founding members of the shipyard Maurizio Fattori (now in charge of the refitting), Davide Valesi (now in charge of the new buildings) and Giancarla Bombieri, from which they were born all the best sailing boats of the shipyard, as well as the new Vismara V80 Nakupenda, just launch, and from which will arise the all new 2015 yachts: Vismara V50 Baisc forever and the Vismara Mills V62 SuperNikka.

“It is our intention to strengthen the company and bring it to a significant growth at the international level – says Stefano Bennati, CEO of EuropaInvestimenti -. We won’t intervene too much in the management but we will try to create the best conditions around the entrepreneur so that he can fully express, as always done in the past, its potential and continue on its path of growth and development.” Vismara Marine represents excellence in terms of design, technological capacity and implementation of innovative projects, this is the Vismara DNA in over of thirty years of projects and yachts. “The know-how is the asset on which we intend to leverage to make the transition from a production almost exclusively’ tailoring ‘[that will remain the core business Vismara], as they like to repeat in Vismara, in a production that could be defined as pret-a-porter – Bennati precise.” The other new features will be more active in foreign markets, new models and upgrading services for the shipowners: i.e. Angeling.
Alessandro Vismara explains why Europa Investimenti: “Europa Investimenti is right partner for growing up. They liked the people in Vismara and are not speculators. We were looking for partner with whom we can have a chemistry behind the work.We liked their intervention model, carry out the aggregation of companies that have one thing in common: excellence. We believe in these values, and they are willing to support us, helping us to bring to light our full potential. Today we start from a white paper with the help of new partners. We put 30 years of experience in building unique yachts, they will help us make the right choices, developing our lines of business, with some innovations, starting with the pret-a-porter!”