V 63 XR takes its place at sea.


The new V 63 saw water for the first time.

Born from the Vismara experience and from the merger of three special existing boats, trying to resume the particular characteristics of each: the hull of the V56-Mills “Twin”, deck, interior and concept of the V52 “Dragon”, and the sliding glass above the deckhouse and the large side windows of the V80 “Luce Guida”.

The hull and deck are built in cedar wood and carbon, made in such a way as to make the boat as light as possible.


Salient features of the boat are the cockpit and the interiors which are on the same level, with no stairs to go down; this solution that makes life on board easier and “spacious” by linking the inside with the outside.

This arrangement, together with large windows on the deckhouse sides and in the cabins that give great brightness to the environment, allows you to look outside at 360 °, and to navigate and live indoors always “immersed” in the light of the sea.

The glass along the deckhouse at the front is completely sliding from bow to stern, thus allowing the air to enter the interior and enjoy the “convertible” boat in the open air on the dinette.

At the bow we find the sleeping area: two twin guest cabins, each with its own private bathroom with shower. Further on is the master cabin with separate beds, also with a private bathroom.

The crew cabin is located aft, behind the dinette with bed on the left and bathroom on the right with washing machine.


A brand new concept boat, a sports hull with furnishings – spaces – visibility from a Motoryacht!

“Racer” performance with maximum maneuvering comfort, both under sail and motor.