V100B BEBIVI “Put the tree” …

After the launch of May 26, 2018, between emotions and festivities, BEBIVI navigates to the seas of Liguria where the lady of the seas puts the tree on June 11, 2018 in Genova.
Now BEBIVI is complete with everything.
Impossible to remain indifferent to such elegance and majesty.
Once again, Vismara has managed to make a product of excellence made in Italy. Always at the forefront of ideas and their realization. Built to four hands with the shipowner, the whole Vismara team has succeeded in interpreting and realizing a real made-to-measure product.
As A.V. "With this boat we open a new history in the field of the yacht.
Vismara 100 is a boat made on two floors with large spaces and a 360 ° view of garzie to a large glass deckhouse that gives light inside and refinement to the outside. "
Shortly BEBIVI will return to Viareggio to make the last touches.