V54 Brighella – interview with Damiano Lancia

Brighella returns to the construction site after a long time for a refit.
Our responsible refit – Damiano Lancia:
Refit work in progress.
D.L. Changes are taking place inside the boat in the dinette, and the glazed hull openings always in the dinette
The most complicated work of this refit?
D.L. I would say the hull windows.
The ship owner’s future projects?
D.L. It is a shipowner who passes from the engine to the sail, will have a whole world to discover, in the hope that he will fall in love with it.
Special features of the boat and what does it have more than others?
D.L. It is super simple and with a very clean deck, fully controllable maneuvers both from the cockpit and from a special wireless remote control.
How does the Vismara team do this work?
D.L. Professional approach and involvement of all the guys in the team to always team up on all boats.