V66 Cossutti and V68 Mills


Vismara Marine announces two new productions.

Vismara Marine’s year began with the announcement of two new ships. Currently in an advanced design stage, the V 66 Cossutti is an ultra-comfortable fast cruiser, while the V 68 Mills is an innovative, fun and aggressive racer.

The V66 Cossutti and V68 Mills, while different in their approach, are fruit of Vismara Marine’s incredible versatility, being able to respond to needs and requests that are sometimes very different, without betraying their adherence to their DNA: innovation, lightness and design. Furthermore, Vismara’s design staff once again wanted to team up with designers that, for their skills and innovation, represent excellence in their respective areas, with the goal of generating the best choices for the specific project: Marc Mills of Marc Mills Design for the hull waterlines of the V68 Mills, and architect Lucio Micheletti for the interior layout and style; Cossutti Design Studio for the naval architecture of the V66 Cossutti.

The V66 Cossutti will be a vessel that is modern but not extreme in its choices, with smooth navigation and comfortable interiors, yet fun to maneuver and very fast, to be at the height of the shipowner’s skills. An advanced but classic design, which will keep its value intact over time. The hull is made of a pre-impregnated carbon sandwich, the mast of carbon, excellent ?? are supported by a significant/valuable keel (which is retractable for entering ports or roadsteads), there is a double helm and it is possible to sail with a small crew. The interior, spacious and bright thanks to a glass deckhouse, includes a central dinette, four cabins and three bathrooms, and an internal garage.

The V68 Mills, on the other hand, is an evolved, bold design for a light, high-performing vessel without forgetting coastal navigation. It is inspired by the multi-award winning Supernikka, but reworked and renewed on the basis of the shipowner’s ideas. V 68 Mills will be built with the most advanced carbon laminating techniques, using pre-impregnated composites. The rigging will be easily accessible and the vessel will be equipped with a carbon mast and a lifting keel with hydraulic motion (for stability, performance and ease of use). The interior will have light colors and simple and strict design, with structural furniture in order to increase rigidity; it will have four cabins and four bathrooms, with a large central dinette.