Prêt-à-porter: advanced technologies for the cruising market


Advanced technologies in the fast cruising market.

We transfer on the new yachts the same technologies developed in more than 30 years of research and development. From regattas to fast cruises our research is aim to give our sailors the right to go cruising as fast as the racer done during the competitions. Our design team use to apply the innovations improved over more than 30 years of iconic projects.

This is a new philosophy in the fast cruising design, from race to every day life on board, that means prêt-à-porter. For the first time the industrial approach will be apply to a shipyard able to launch more than 150 custom yachts from the 1984.


International design team.

In Vismara we use to talk about the Open Company, thus means working with the leading experts able to brig quality for our projects and for our customers. Our latest model are developed sharing the knowledge of a multinational team such as: Mark Mills Yacht design that is involved in the naval architecture of the new Vismara 62 Mills SuperNikka and Vismara 56 Mills; he made an extensive use of CFD analysis from the spanish guys of KND-SailingPerformance experts in yacht design optimization and performance analysis, Hernan Salerno performance yacht design (who is involved in the structural calculation from many years in Vismara) and, last but not the least, Lucio Micheletti who previously works also for the Italian shipyards (and is now in charge of developing the interior design of the new Vismara 56 Mills custom yacht).

The open innovation is the core of our day by day work experience from more than 30 years of activity in the yachting industry.

Vismara Marine as the only company able to launch innovative projects with advanced technologies coming from races with an Open Innovation approach.


Engineering structures.

There is no design without innovation, and innovations is a risk if there aren’t any solid technical foundations. Today work in Vismara Marine Spa is aim to engineering all the structures of our yachts giving

Easy handling is what our client is looking for when they come in Vismara. Enjoying the sailing experience is what we would like to ensure to our customers, and this is possible only thanks to engineering made in every projects and in every new industrial investments for the future prêt-a-port line of yacht: Vismara V62, Vismara V50


Integrated furnitures. At the end all of our works are lightweight carbon fiber fast cruising yachts made of integrated furniture, the unique technology able to bring an extremely comfortable fast cruising, as Alessandro Vismara, the founder and now CEO of the Vismara Marine Spa use to say is: “each objects on board has to be needed for no less than three purposes, that’s the only way to take care of weight on board”.


The Vismara philosophy:

Lightness = less power = less consumptions = more speed = better comfort