Vismara Motor Yachts


“No matter if we are speaking about sail or motor yachts, we care about lightweight construction in harmony with elements”

Alessandro Vismara

In 1999 Vismara launched the MAS 28, an 8.40m motor yacht packed with hundreds of stylish and cool details inspired from the automotive industry (from Porsche 956, BMW Z3, Smart, Audi TT and WV NewBeetle).

The MAS 28 was a great design success for Vismara, winning the highly coveted ‘Compasso d’Oro’, the award from the Industrial Design Association in 2001. Following the launch of the MAS 28, Vismara Marine continued to develop the motor yacht business, going on to launch a number of custom-designed motor yachts ranging from 34 to 68 feet with designs for a 100’ full carbon fibre lightweight custom motor yacht now in development.