Vismara V62 Supernikka won 151 Miglia


A favourable wind and nearly 27 hours in water let us eventually see the triumph of the newborn but already winning Vismara V62 SuperNikka.

Seventh step of the Italian Offshore Championship, the 151 miglia Trofeo Celadrin 2015, with 38 ships in water, has been the perfect occasion to show everyone the class and the power of the brand new Offshore Model, ideated and driven by its ship owner Roberto Lacorte.


Tough the project was complex and ambitious and we had real short time availables, we have been able to launch a very winning ship, following our high quality standards that, since ever, identifyes our way of work: that’s why we can say that we won the right award according to our efficiency.

I do wanna thank all the engineer, the sailmakers, the crew, but also all the workers that with lot of passion, devotion and hard work built a skillfully and succesfull real jewel.

Alessandro Vismara