Vismara V67 Mills: a custom design experience.


Viareggio, December 2016 – advanced composite materials, a careful analysis of the hull geometry and all the charm of the elements that have made Vismara the reference brand in the construction of light displacement boats. A project born from soundly scientific basis, to create value over time.

THE OPEN INNOVATION COMPANY: Vismara has always been the place where owners can enjoy a company able to scientifically support their choices. Vismara is working with the best professionals to offer an engineered platform on which a fast-cruiser can be developed and built. The Vismara V67 Mills was born. From the experience acquired by Vismara Marine in building the Vismara V62 Mills, a truly success, this new fast cruiser was based on the same philosophy: lots of innovation for a boat built on time and on budget, hand to hand with the customer.

SAILING THE LIGHTNESS is the Vismara Marine mantra, it means be able to handle the boat with a small crew thanks to the advanced sail plan design, the powerful hull able to minimize drag, the load’s distribution to the lowest center of gravity. Those are Vismara’s design choices to create a boat with lower loads and easy maneuverability; therefore, more safety for the entire crew and simpler into port maneuvers. At Vismara Marine we strongly believe in the use of advanced materials to create the best light displacement boats for our customers.

DECK PLAN AND APPENDICES: the deck plan is designed to get all maneuvers easily accessible from the cockpit. Four electric winches provide the crew full control on all operations at any speed, as well as on a race, the crew is able to trim the sails using the hydraulic system with two cylinders able to move in & out and up & down of the clews. With its hydraulically powered lifting keel offers a draft from 2.40 m to 3.60 m and is built in steel laminate structure Weldox with a torpedo lead.

THE INTERIOR: style and design are conceived to face the sea elements and satisfy the most demanding owners. That’s why everything has been developed in full harmony with Vismara Marine style, lightweight composite material able to meet the highest standards of quality without increase the displacement and offering the longest durability. The furniture are a structural element of the boat, the backbone, they can guarantee rigidity to the overall structure and comfort to the crew both at sea and at the anchor.