Here we are inside the Vismara shipyard, where around us we can admire how much attention and determination the Vismara team carries on the work on these ladies of the sea.
As we anticipated last time we find ourselves under the stern of Luce Guida to which the transformation works have almost come to an end, as the captain Simone Bergamaschi explains to us during the interview: work has begun on widening the stern to increase the space inside the garage and at the same time transform the stern into a large sundeck.
Another process that will be further elaborated will be the anchoring system; but we’ll see later.
Back to the shipyard we come across Vismara 100, beautiful and “huge”; here too the work proceeds quickly and with a strong team spirit between the Vismara team.
We are again on board Lupa of London together with the very young captain Alessandro Pin who during the interview leads us inside the boat pointing out the refit work to which our lady of the seas is subjected.
With enthusiasm and precision he describes the main processes such as the windows that are replaced with a different material and the transom that is done as Pin tells us a real transformation: << ... aft there was first a seat, the owner had the idea to make it modern, with the transom open after to the sea >>.
Thanking our two captain who have shown us the working phases we can anticipate that soon we will get to know the Commander of the V100 and the commander of the Gatto e la Volpe;