Welcome “Shark” V100B


Welcome shark!

The Big bulb of the V100 arrived at the shipyard.
There is excitement aboard the most luxurious yacht ever built by the Vismara Marine group.
Extending the deck in teak, we can see, going down under deck, the interiors take shape.
Functionality and comfort for the owners and guests. The extraordinary harmony between interior
and exterior means that life on board becomes pleasant in every space both inside and out.
Vismara 100 has all the characteristics of a yacht that will change the sailing world.
Once again the Vismara group has managed to transfer from paper to construction a boat that meets the needs of its owner.
As always, the DNA Vismara reconfirms itself to be strong and healthy. Vismara 100B is the
perfect combination between high technology and extraordinary comfort.
Its interior spaces offer practicality and elegance a concentrate of beauty and functionality.
Large areas where body and mind regenerate where comfort is assured and the mind is gratified by a refined design.