Welcome to Italy… V68


V68 – MILLS enters the Vismara Marine…
A vessel designed by Vismara in collaboration with the designer Mark Mills for the water lines of the hull. Built with lightweight composite materials for greater speed and lightness; with a performance and fun hull, and a distribution of deck volumes that ensures safety and maneuverability not only in navigation but also comfort in roadstead.
the hull is built entirely of carbon; and a retractable keel, with a draft ranging from 2.9 m to 4.2 m allows navigation in shallow areas and high performance in racing.
Tree and boom also in carbon, as well as the rigging…
Inside we find: on the right a spacious dinette with table and sofas; on the left there is a large kitchen with fridge, tilting gas burners and a wine cellar. Aft two double cabins with bathroom and wardrobe. Continuing towards the bow you come across the owner’s cabin, followed by the extreme bow from another cabin for the commander.
The furniture will be structural to give rigidity to the structure, and with an eye to lightness.