Vismara Fast Cruising Yachts


Alongside the research and development in hull performance for the Mediterranean yacht racing scene, in 1990 Vismara Marine began developing some of the most iconic fast cruising yachts. Adopting a number of different design styles and utilising the very highest technological components, Vismara Marine rapidly developed itself as a leading trend setter in modern yacht design. The mid-1990’s saw the build and development of the Vismara/Baltic 78 ”Aledoa 4”, a yacht which brought together the very best in terms of design, build quality, strength and technology. Vismara Marine had now built its reputation as ‘the’ shipyard for tailor-made yachts for experienced owners.

Fast Cruising Yacht: innovation and technology

In 2001 Vismara Marina launched two of the most iconic cruising yachts ever seen – the Vismara V78 Fast Cruiser “Ghibellina” and the Vismara-Piano 60 “Kiribilli”.

Ghibellina was an extraordinary 80ft fast cruising yacht built of carbon fibre and designed to be easily sailed with a very small crew.

Kiribilli was developed in cooperation with the world-famous Renzo Piano international architectural practice as one of the finest example of blending modern maxi yacht technology with the timeless elegance of the classic J-Class yachts.